Website Guardian

Protect your Website from hacker attacks!

Website Guardian is really that prevents and finds hacker attacks that are harmful to your site.Never mind the question of whether important that is it’s to have security fitted on your own website because… of course you are doing!

Site Protection (Keep your web site secure)

Website protection and site scanner identifies malware and security loop holes on your website that could allow a hacker to steal information, compromise your site, infect your customers or be blacklisted with Google. Site scanner daily scan vulnerability will find these threats and quickly fix to protect your online website.

Site Scanner daily scans and checks your website to ensure that your website is NOT being used to spread malicious software. If your site is deemed “suspicious” by Google, they will “blacklist” it from their search engine – affecting your site traffic, sales, business’s reputation and SEO positions. Site Scanner will always alert you of vulnerabilities before this can happen and checks Google Safe Browsing daily to make sure your website isn’t on the “blacklist”.

Site Scanner looks for malware links on your site and crawls the website for security holes that hackers could use to access your website or steal customer information and infect your site visitors with spyware and viruses.

☑Blocks XSS attacks
☑Blocks CSRF attacks
☑Blocks SQLi attacks
☑Blocks directory traversal attacks
☑Notifies you of threatening attacks
☑Configurable ban for persistent attackers
☑Form & comment form protection
☑Malware & hacker site protection
☑Google blacklist site protection
☑Fully automated daily site scans
☑Online dashboard and cleanup
☑Security export dedicated support
☑Common threats to your website
☑Security expert dedicated support
☑Infecting your customers
☑Defacing your website