D-Smartech Web Email Hosting Features

CPanel Hosting based Webmail is a simple-to-use, scalable business email, and any sized business, from the sole proprietorship to an enterprise organization. Its support protocol IPOP3, IMAP, Business Email is fully compatible with Outlook (and any other desktop email client) both on Windows and Macs. It also plugs seamlessly into email applications on tablets and Smartphone’s.

  • Email & your domain
  • IPOP3, IMAP (for Outlook & Mobile)
  • No spam & virus protection
  • Unlimited Email forwarding
  • Unlimited mailboxes depends on hosting space
  • 20 MB attachments

Easy & Free Email Migrations

  • Remember, you’ll need to know where your domain name is currently registered (i.e. Networkregistrars.com, Go Daddy ad big rock etc…), and we will help with the rest
  • Webmail is powerful enough to be your everyday email. In addition to robust email capabilities, it also features to help your business collaborate and communicate more effectively.
  • Webmail accessing your emails and collaborating with your organization team and you can sharing files is easier with web browser. It combines the full features of an email client and the convenience of accessing your mails from anywhere.

Features of webmail include:

  • Easy mailbox migration with mails, new users can easily transfer their email and collaboration items from another services provider to their new mailbox. With its easy-to-understand instructions, the mailbox migration tool guides users through these tasks without help from administrators.
  • Find attachments easily, Over time, it can be difficult to find a file that you received from a contact. The attachments view makes searching for a file hassle-free by displaying all incoming and outgoing message.
  • Apart from the above features we offer unmatched 24×7 support service.

Stay far ahead of the competition with D-Smartech webmail service suit your unique emailing requirements.