Responsive Design

“If you have a website or a blog, it is time that you seriously consider switching to a responsive design instead of maintaining a separate mobile-friendly (or tablet-friendly) website.”

‘Responsive’ is hottest term in web design industry. Why not? A responsive design looks stunning on all devices. Same website is programmed in a way that it adjusts its layout according to screen. So no matter whether you see it on web, on your iPad or Smartphone, it looks great everywhere.

Responsive design is done with media queries, having multiple versions of images and some more advance CSS techniques.

Apart from its accessibility and better site management features, this technique is endorsed by search engine giant Google as well. Read this article to know why you should have a responsive design versus not having a mobile site or separate version for mobile.

Our team is well versed with responsive designs using core techniques as well based on popular CSS frameworks like 960Grid System & BootStrap CSS framework from twitter.

Mobile Web Design

“With large number of people accessing internet on smart phones, mobile website is a must for your business”

With surge in internet usage from mobile phone, where life is fast,
where people want to decide fast, one cannot afford not having
a mobile version of their website or at least mobile compatible website.
We create flexible, powerful, native-app looking website using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS on HTML5 which look great on all Smartphone’s.

Making mobile website is not complex, just tricky and requires proper testing on different devices and screen sizes. With HTML5 in place, it can be wrapped with tools like PhoneGap, Sencha Touch or jQuery Mobile to convert the mobile website into an app i.e. iPhone, Android app etc.

So even if you are having a website but if it’s not mobile ready, we can help to get a mobile version with following features:

  • Clean Design
  • Re-Organized Content for usability
  • More CSS Less Images
  • CSS Sprites for improving performance
  • Build on HTML5
  • Fast Loading Time
  • Various Screen Sizes (responsive)
  • Cross Platform
  • Social Media Integration