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 Diligent Infosystems helps organization facing daily issues one of Operating systems, third party software patches Lot of organizations need to migrate new update version of operating systems Improve IT service delivery Protect against ransom ware and malware. A Few Things to Consider When Looking for Patch Management Solutions. Cyber security has become one of the major concerns for most business. There are many patch management solutions in the market that can detect vulnerabilities and resolve them automatically. Finding the right solution for your organization.

Let’s discuss some you need look for a patch management solution. Automated Patch Management a feature that has to be present in any patch management solution is automated patch management. As the name suggests, your patch management solution should be capable of patching all your computers automatically update. Automating patch detection, download, and deployment is improve their business overall productivity.

This solution should support Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms just you need a single solution to patch all the computers in your network. Apart from this, if you can find a solution that supports third party software patches also.

Patch Testing Not all patches are created equal some new patches like zero day vulnerabilities or some attacks infect and damage your business network, some patch management solutions allow you to test newly downloaded patches in a test group environment before they are deployed to the actual network. This way you can make sure your network avoid downtime.

Auditing is the overall patch deployment process, your solution should be able to generate reports, and for patch deployment and help you audit patching in your organization. Auditing can help you improve your organization automatic patch deployment, how you should redefine your organization deployment policies and schedules.

Patch management scans your network automatically on demand. You needed to install some tools and manage security and non security patches. Its supports all Microsoft, MAC OS and Linux operating systems and many third-party applications.

Patch management allows automatically download a missing patches and configured securely that is protected from threats and vulnerabilities. Patch management support for third-party software, enabling administrators to detect, download and update missing patches for supported applications in the same way its monitor and manage operating systems. Some of supports third party patches support for many popular applications like Apple QuickTime; Adobe software and tools, Acrobat, Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera and Java Runtime and others.

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Recommended Tool:  GFI LanGuard, Solar Winds Patch Manager, LANDesk Patch Manager, Shavlik, and Manage Engine Desktop Central.