Mobile Application Development

“Make your business concepts handy by custom apps to reach millions of users”

“Obviously I have a mobile phone”. 78% people answered in that tone, when asked whether they possess a mobile phone or not. Be it leisure or be it work, mobiles are a constant companion to many. Then why sit in office cabins if technology can be provided on the move. Ranging from gaming world to doing surveys to market expansion to researches mobile apps can cover it all under the same sky.

We at Diligent Infosystems turn this vast source of potential energy to the power just a touch away. iPhone, iPad, Android, BBM, Windows….. you name it and we deliver.

Our team of highly skilled app developers is trained to deliver end to end mobile native apps that can be used at various platforms. Efficient as well as cost effective is our mantra to develop the best apps to sit your business.

The mobile market has evolved exponentially due to greater demand for next generation technology. Organizations around the world always want to reach their customers on time. Smartphone helps organizations to interact with their customers instantly. Custom mobile applications boost the functions and performances of the Smartphone./p>

We provide Mobile Application Development services in the following categories:

  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android
  • Windows

On demand of mobile users requires mobile application

Developing mobile applications that interact with IT systems and applications is more challenging than building mobile marketing apps and games etc., mobile applications require integration with existing computing systems such as databases, legacy applications and Web services. On demand of mobile users requires mobile application strategy when moving from web service applications to mobile apps. They must take decisions concerning which platforms to develop for and whether to use Android, Mac IOS, Windows mobile development skills that must be subtly shifted as Web developers move to smart mobile.

The lifecycle of a mobile application moves much faster than Website and Web Application, So the hardware and network of mobile devices make cloud resources much more beneficial for mobile applications. Application testing and security are more challenging in mobile apps than in Web applications because the technology in mobile devices evolves quickly and must stay on top of the market of IT industry.

This mobile application takes most application developers through the basics of building a mobile application strategy, identifying and building on mobile application skills and gives you good Apps.

As per the market the IT technology shape and driving mobile devices improves mobile users expectations changed, the wholemobile application development changes every day as well.

Today all business are using devices and applications use of market and trends fallowing by consumerfocused technologies such as tablets, smartphones and mobile apps.

Mobile application development strategy

When develop a brand new mobile application, company’s raise 1st if the organization ought to build its own or obtain one from third-party developers. Outsourcing a mobile application will have nice value savings for easy applications like promoting or promotional games. It’s the advantage of taking the mobile app project off the team's hurly burly list quickly and simply.

The next major part for a mobile application is what platform to deploy toApple’s iOS, Android and Microsoft's Windows Phone area unit all widespread platforms for mobile application development and therefore the call depends on many factors.

In addition to deciding on a development platform, mobile apps development the client must decide whether to use a Native applications often have performance advantages over Web-based options are usually easier to update and maintain, especially across platforms. Most mobile developers eventually develop advance Apps that gives them the right balance for their particular mobile application.

One of the most important differences between developing mobile apps and developing traditional Web applications is the focus on user experience. End users interact very differently with their phones and mobile devices than they do with laptops and PCs. A mobile application should be streamlined to handle a single task quickly and efficiently.

Mobile application development strategies frequently include two or more mobile platforms. It is important that each platform version of a mobile app is specifically customized to that particular platform.

Mobile applications and cloud computing square measure created for every different. Mobile applications generally have an oversized load of server-side information access and computing wants that stem from a perpetually dynamical range of users. The draw from mobile applications has the potential to skyrocket on the far side developers' wildest estimates, then suddenly shrink to a trickle and presumably heal up as high or higher. The physical property and on-demand nature of cloud resources makes the general public cloud engaging to mobile developers. Using a cloud infrastructure for mobile apps helps some firms place out mobile applications quickly while not swing up an excessive amount of in terms of direct investment. Some cloud suppliers even run Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) product that deliver a customizable backend for mobile application front ends.

Top 5 effects of the cloud on mobile apps like SaaS, PaaS and IaaS choices to hurry up mobile development embrace the cloud computing puts IT jittery, as a result of mobile application development lifecycles area unit thus short, it may be troublesome to convey each side of the mobile application the eye it desires. Mobile app developers have to be compelled to deliver operating applications quickly, and will overlook vital flaws within the mobile application's security. Enterprise developers mustn't ever underestimate the requirement to secure company information in mobile applications. it is vital for developers to remember of the highest mobile security threats and the way to secure mobile apps against them. Organizations like the Payment Card business Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) have begun cathartic specific pointers for secure mobile development.

Mobile app security vulnerabilities in mobile apps Errors on the aspect of caution for secure mobile applications security rules, Mobile application checking in several organizations either do not acknowledge the importance of mobile application testing instead lack the data to effectively test these new applications. Testing mobile apps is totally different than testing ancient internet applications. Mobile devices gift new challenges for mobile application testers. it isn't simply the mobile application's code that must be tested. The manner the applying performs below real-world conditions is what is very vital. The standard team must concentrate on specific device options, geographic location, accessibility of service and alternative factors specific to mobile devices. It usually needs inserting mobile application testers within the field.