“If you are looking for a content management system (CMS) based website which you can maintain yourself”

We are able to provide our very own in-house solution which has been built from the ground up to enable us to be as creative with design as possible whilst still allowing for user-friendliness when it comes to managing the site and content. We are also able to build sites to suit a number of 3rd party or open-source platforms working within their limitations.

Having content managed website means that you will be able to edit most of the page content easily via your web browser and also include things such as article/blog posts and even media clips.

Typically a content managed website will cost a little more to set up initially, but save on ongoing costs when it comes to updating the website, so for sites where there is a need for frequent updates a CMS can prove a very cost-effective solution.

For more information about content management, please contact us.

 Document Management Systems

Business houses for years have had to come up with a way to manage records – both electronic and paper based. Business records, documents and paperwork must be systematically organized for quick retrieval.
A document management system is a centralized way of handling
business records and documents.

Diligent Infosystems provides customized document management solutions for clients to build and manage a centralized repository for all their business related documents.
The Document Management Systems developed by Diligent Infosystems act as safe-houses for securing documents, enabling document check-in/check-out for viewing/editing and record archiving, and combined with a web-based application they offer secure personnel access to documents globally. By employing a companies can efficiently and securely transfer, access and communicate documents to employees and clients from any remote location at any point of time.

DMS’s are long-term systems – they area part of the company’s information technology department and require an administrator to manage the system as far as backups, user setups and other routine maintenance.

The benefits that a document management system provides are as follows

  • A centralized repository for storing all documents and records
  • Provides audit logs to track creation, modification and deletion of documents
  • Access to documents can be restricted user wise
  • Easy to share documents
  • Ability to handle and process a variety of file types including Word processing documents, spreadsheet files, PDF files, scanned documents and records/files from other computers
  • Global access to important data and information relating to the company via the world-wide-web interface